Big Data Consulting

Big Data has exploded onto the scene as a tremendous opportunity for companies to gain competitive advantage. However, these new technologies can be challenging implement. A 2014 IDG Enterprise survey of 750 IT decision makers say 40% big data projects challenged by skills shortage, an issue that is true across companies of all sizes. 

Adoption can be complicated by organizational readiness and the need to coexist with, and to complement, the significant investments in existing technologies and systems.

So how do you get started with Big Data and what are the factors to getting it right? 

Think Big works works with industry leaders such as Facebook, NetApp, Home Depot, American Express, eBay, and NASDAQ to develop their Big Data. Our approach provides you with the assets, experience, and successes you need to gain executive-level sponsorship. We develop Big Data strategies that involve series of smaller, digestible case studies. Individually, these Big Data initiatives generate value, but they also work together to build centers of excellence in your organization and move your business towards complete business transformation. 

Think Big is trusted as the premier Big Data services provider thanks to our unique experience, our track record of success, and our singular focus on Big Data. Our years of experience arm us with a portfolio of Big Data patterns and designs, best practices, project templates, pre-built components and a deep understanding of what it takes to ensure your organization is successful. Our Big Data strategies are unique, our execution flawless and our repeat customer rate unmatched in the industry. 

Every team has lists of Big Data initiatives they want to accomplish. Think Big helps you prioritize and plan their implementation while  considering business impact, and.existing data, technology and skills. 

Think Big builds Big Data applications and solutions based primarily upon open source-based platforms. Our projects are assembled after careful evaluation of the most appropriate Big Data technologies that suit your data and your goals. 

Think Big’s Data Science Practice partners with clients to establish data science capabilities and extract insights with new data and techniques.  Our data scientists bring deep experience in statistical modeling, Big Data, new tools, and new approaches to every problem.  We deliver lasting value by integrating modern data science insights into existing business processes and platforms. 

Think Big has a portfolio of pre-built Big Data system designs, code designs and pre-tested software components that are extendable to suit your organization’s specific goals and requirements.