Every team has lists of Big Data initiatives they want to accomplish. Think Big helps you prioritize and plan their implementation while considering business impact, existing data, technology and skills. We are vendor neutral so we can help you make the difficult technology decisions required to develop the right Big Data architecture  and roadmap and overall plan to support your business goals. We measure for you the potential impact of each Big Data case study, and develop an overall Big Data strategy and roadmap in order to minimize your risk and secure fast “wins.” Teaming up with Think Big ensures your organization is establishing the right Big Data infrastructure and capabilities over time to scale effectively.

Big Data and Hadoop: Moving from Strategy to Production Executive Summary

We ensure organizational adoption and on-time success by delivering a comprehensive Big Data Roadmap. Your carefully designed and detailed project plan identifies a goal architecture, the impact of new technologies that will be integrated into your infrastructure and the Big Data techniques and data that will be utilized. It also includes the required skills and resources and a sequence for incremental rollout.