Value Accelerators

With more than 50 Big Data projects successfully completed, Think Big has developed a portfolio of pre-built, proven, flexible Accelerators that are built on a common Big Data architecture and shorten project delivery timeframes. The Accelerators collect and analyze manufacturing data, device logs and clickstream data, providing you with new, real-time insights for your operational, customer experience and product development needs.  

Clickstream Analytics Accelerator is a set of pre-built components for creating aggregates, session metrics, low-latency serving and reporting and visualization. When implemented as part of a larger Big Data project, such as improving customer experience or engagement, the Clickstream Accelerator enables you to bypass building components from scratch. As a result, you realize faster project completion times and less risk. It operates in batch or real-time and enables flexible clickstream reporting, fast load times and new insights from Omniture or raw clickstream data. 

Device Data Analytics Accelerator is a compilation of assets common across all of our Device Data Analytics engagements. They include system designs, code designs and pre-tested software components that are generic but required for any Device Data Analytics solution. The Device Data Accelerator helps ensure valuable insights are quickly gleaned from your connected device data. 

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