Think Big works collaboratively with your team to define, design, develop, assemble, QA test, and deploy Big Data applications using our proven agile “test and learn” methodology. Our data science and engineering teams add speed and unsurpassed quality to your most strategic projects. Our agile, iterative approach reduces risk and allows your team to get the most value for your investment. We have experts in Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Relational, NoSQL, Cassandra and more, remaining completely technology-neutral so we are able to recommend and build the solutions that best suit your requirements.

Implementation services we provide include:

  • Integrating new big data applications with existing systems
  • Developing code and transforming data
  • Tuning and deploying big data clusters
  • Optimizing the performance of analytics models
  • Building test to production feedback loops for continual improvement
  • Integrating best of breed components for maximum results
  • Analyze data sets for signal and predictive power
  • Develop and measure effectiveness of predictive analytics models
  • Integrate predictive analytics into production systems of engagement


big data reference chart

Cluster Optimization

Getting the most out of your Hadoop cluster is important and it doesn't take a lot of budget or the fastest performing technology to do it. A fully optimized cluster improves performance, ensures simplicity and saves time. By identifying pressure points in the architecture and assessing existing systems, you can ensure the value of your Big Data is being realized quickly and efficiently. 

  • Assessment of infrastructure, software and hardware
  • Recommendations that will reduce operational overhead
  • Action plan to immediate improve performance and stability


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“We partnered with Think Big for a Hadoop implementation in our enterprise. Global auto-support is a key differentiator for NetApp and we needed to scale its storage and analytics capabilities quickly. Think Big helped us achieve our goals.”

–Kumar Palaniappan, Enterprise Architect, NetApp



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