Case Studies

Companies across every industry are constantly challenged to keep their products competitive and their operations cost efficient. This financial services organization was interested in transferring one of its major products from a legacy platform to a big data architecture to improve performance and customer experience, enable more features and lower operating costs. The company engaged Think Big for a Jumpstart project to validate the architecture and performance of the system and to prove the business case. This engagement led to a follow up Implementation project to realize the actual value and benefits.

Hadoop clusters are popping up everywhere. From Web 2.0 startups to the world’s largest organizations, no one can ignore the cost savings and scalability benefits that Hadoop brings. However, while inexpensive in relative terms, Hadoop clusters can become costly as they grow into large-scale production, especially if not set up correctly. Having the right architecture, operational practices, configuration and applications in place lets you maximize performance and reliability for each node at minimum cost.

Think Big’s Customer & Clickstream Analytics solution combines Big Data and advanced analytics to improve revenue yield, increase customer satisfaction, measure true marketing impact, create deep brand awareness, reduce customer churn and more. Our customers use Insight to make fast, informed decisions that will have a real impact on their business. With Insight, marketers can identify patterns and quickly change experiences as demand or activity changes.